The National  Museum of Art of Romania has entrusted us with the invaluable dowry of Romania’s cultural patrimony, icons on glass and wood dating back to the 16th century. Thus, a team of 15 specialists accepted the challenge of this complex project both a technical and logistic point of view.
The Goldeen Cargo team provided a full wall-to-wall service to the National Art Museum of Romania for the exhibition at Basilica Notre-Dame de Fourviere in Lyon, France, a project managed in detail with the utmost care and delicacy.
The Goldeen Cargo fleet was chosen according to our customer’s needs and requirements. All Goldeen Cargo vehicles are designed and tailored to protect and secure the most precious and delicate work. We can offer a variety of vehicle specifications, including hydraulic elevators, pneumatic suspension, full temperature control, alarms, satellite tracking systems and, last but not least, lots and lots of blankets.
In order to protect the artworks during transport, we`ve designed crates from treated wood, with all necessary certificates, thermo-insulated and padded. The packaging was made by our team of specialists with chemically inert materials.
The transport went smoothly, following strictly the logistics plan, developed by the Goldeen Cargo team, accompanied by our security agents and the Romanian gendarmerie.
Arriving to destination, our technicians handled the crates and the unpacking of the art works, carefully assisted by the security agents and the technicians of the National Art Museum of Romania.
In other words, we have accomplished a transport that required a great attention to every detail, a well-planned plan in a short time. The pieces were installed smoothly, the exhibition was a success, and the valuable works of art have been returned to the beneficiary in perfect condition.


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