Fine Art Transport Worldwide

We know how important the shipping of fine art is. From a single piece travelling, up to the most complex art handling, we will take care of all aspects of their journey.

It has taken time and dedication for the Goldeen Cargo Fine Arts division to appropriately build it’s services and reputation as a Fine Arts shipper. It has been accomplished throught our love for arts, by the customer service experience we provide and by the performance our saff deliver.

Our clients include those working in the contemporary and modern fields to specialists in classical antiquities, galleries, museums, curators arround the world.

When it comes to art logistics will ensure every piece travels in perfect safety.


Careful packaging is essential to the transportation of works.Our experts assess the nature and condition of each item as well as the expected mode of transport before deciding on the most appropriate solution.

We are specialized in packing objects that require unique handling – from the extremely fragile, such as paintings and antiques vases, to those items that are too big, heavy or odd-shaped for standard packaging, such as chandeliers, pianos and sculptures.

We build quality custom crates in-house, engineered to fit any specifications, meeting all requirements of international shipping regulations, using only the highest quality materials, providing durable protection from any environmental, manual or mechanical hazards.


 Shipping artworks throughout the world includes customs formalities. Goldeen Cargo gained, over the years, the expertise to coordinate, complete customs clearance and all export formalities. We are constantly up to date regarding all international custom regulations and legislation and we are taking care of all custom procedures on behalf of our clients.


All Goldeen Cargo vehicles are designed and customized to protect and secure the most precious and delicate works.
We can provide a variety of vehicle specifications, including heavy- duty tail lifts, air-ride suspension, full temperature control, alarms, satellite tracking and additional seats for couriers, special anchor systems, anti-shock systems.
Each vehicle has a fully lockable, insulated, windowless compartment which can’t be accessed from the driving cab and is equipped with high security locks and alarms as well as satellite tracking that indicates the exact location of the car in any moment.

Liability & Insurance

Safely insured for the trip!

If artworks have to go on a journey, they should always do this while insured. We can help by providing your artworks with optimal insurance during transport, warehousing or even an exhibition.

We can provide full value insurance, you just have to ask us and everything will be arranged as you wish.


 Each vehicle is manned by one, two or more uniformed technicians, who are qualified drivers, trained and skilled art handlers, who will carry out packing, unpacking as appropriate.

Their training and expertise ensure Goldeen Cargo’s ability to perform effective procedures as well as deal with unusual and unforeseen circumstances promptly and efficiently.


Over the years, we have developed and specialised our knowledge regarding the complexities of air freight and airport security as they relate to the shipping of fine art.

We built strong relationships with most airlines and local handling organisations, ensuring and assisting palletisation and loading, accompanying artworks at every stage in the transfer from truck, via customs, to aircraft loading and back.



Are you a museum curator, a gallery owner, or an exhibition organizer ?
Are you in charge of transport at a museum or cultural institution ?
Do you courier works of art on behalf of a museum ?
Are you a collector or an artist’s representative ?
Are you a restorer ?
Are you one of our foreign correspondents ?

As a carrier, packer, customs broker, air freight agent and authorized agent for freight security, we offer the best guarantee of discretion, security and efficiency for any transport request from a museum, gallery or private owner.

Still have questions?

We do offer dedicated van runs for those of you who’d like to reserve an entire van for your shipment or who do not wish for your artwork to travel alongside other shipments.

Goldeen Cargo is permanently up-to-date with vans in transit so that if you need to find out where your transport is, all you have to do is send a text message from your phone. (SMS)

  • Send an SMS to the phone number +40752 618 133 with the transport order number.
  • You will automatically receive an SMS with the update of the status of your shipment.


Our Secure Transport System provides real time information that generates special reports and also the option of setting alarms or notifications, such as: leaving a route previously set in the interface-tracking, a vehicle’s arrival at destination or an unauthorised opening of the doors.

From a technical point of view, the  Secure Transport Service is composed of the GPS monitoring equipment, door specific sensors, RFID Scanner for the driver and a panic button.

Primary purpose of the Secure Transport Service is the cargo’s security, adapted to the needs and requirements of our clients.

We would prefer that you reach out 2 – 4 weeks in advance, so that we have time to plan accordingly, and so that you have several options for transport. If you’d like to schedule a shipment, to be picked up and delivered a month or two (or more) in the future, we highly recommend that you pre-confirm with us. If you pre-confirm (supply us with all of the pertinent details about the shipment and express an interest in booking at a later time), you will be given priority once we begin to configure our schedules for that particular month.

No, the transportation cost is dependent upon the type of artwork, the size of the artwork, the amount of artwork, the distance that the artwork will be traveling, any limitations/restrictions involved, etc. The cost per piece decreases as the number of pieces increase. So, the more you ship, the better your rate.



Fine arts travelling.

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Custom crates in-house.



Trained and skilled art technicians.

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