We are a premium supplier of integrated logistics services.

Based on a long experience and strong professional knowledge in all cargo transports, we consider ourselves a trustworthy option for all your logistics needs. Whether general or sensitive, we ensure that we can provide reliable and quality services with global coverage and we can meet even the most eccentric needs of your shipments.

Goldeen Cargo is a small company to take care of your transport, but also large enough that many companies have confidence in our services.

The transport team performs thousands of transports every year. We build long-term collaborations. We ensure that your transport needs are met strategically and efficiently at an unbeatable price.

“A call does everything,” you will be in the hands of our experienced team and our qualified representatives every step of the way.

You will notice our attitude “SOLVED” from the moment you file the request to start a transport process.


Our values define who we are and form the foundation of our culture. They are shared by everyone across all levels of the organization. They guide our actions and behaviour, and influence the way we work with each other and the way we serve our customers.

  • Customer focus – our goals are aligned with our clients’ goals.
  • Excellence: We deliver products and services of the highest standard, and we take full responsibility for all our decisions and actions.
  • Integrity: We are sincere and build trust through our actions.
  • Commitment: We commit ourselves to 100% commitment to everything we emphasize as core values.
  • Integrity – our business practices are ethical, honest and fair.


Goldeen Cargo is committed to providing the highest level of transportation and service quality at all times. We also always strive to stay ahead of the curve and believe in continuous re-investment into the company to ensure this goal can be attained.

Our goals are aligned with our clients’ goals. This is not just something we say for marketing purposes, it is something we truly believe in and continuously take steps to improve.

 Goldeen Cargo actively conducts sustainability efforts that work to protect the environment and attain cost efficiencies to improve its operational competitiveness. As a transportation company we accept added responsibility to take measures that will reduce our environmental impact.

We have taken significant steps to reduce our company’s carbon footprint. As a result of continuous investment in our truck fleet and  now  we operate one of the greenest transport fleets.


Everything that is moved from place to place needs logistics support – but behind this simple truth we find millions of stories.

As a transport and logistics company, we form the backbone of commerce, ensuring that whatever has to be delivered is delivered. A transport placed in our trust can include medications to save lives, a gift from a friend, fine art collections, or hold the whole existence of a company in the form of a prototype. We not only deliver crates, parcels and packages: we can deliver prosperity, transport health, support  culture and development, we can deliver joy. Every day we connect people, improving their lives.

We firmly believe that pursuing these goals is in our interest and in the interest of all stakeholders: clients, employees, investors and the planet as a whole. We value the interaction of people with us, with excellent services or products, by involving our employees and cultivating their talents, or being a solid long-term investment on the market.



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