Golden Express manages your same-day, next-day and next-week delivery service including courier, freight and logistics. We’re obsessed with on-time delivery so that you don’t have to be.

Choose this express delivery service to have your goods delivered just in time,  in selected destination countries/territories.

State to State
Need it picked up in Romania and delivered as quickly as possible to Belgium, Spain,  France or even Norway? We’ll dedicate a carrier to get it there right away!

Same Day
Whether you need something picked up within 30 minutes and delivered immediately, delivered within four hours or by the end of the day we’ll dedicate a carrier to get it there for you.

After Hours/Weekends/Holidays
Delivery Express will meet your courier needs 24/7/365. Give us a call anytime. We’ll handle your critical evening, weekend and holiday deliveries. When others won’t, we will!

Scheduled Routed
If you have a need for recurring deliveries we have excellent plans for you.

Appointment Times
Do you have an exact time you need to have an order picked up? Maybe something you’ve sent that requires an specific time for delivery.  We’ve got you covered. Once the appointment is set leave the rest to us.


Frequently Asked Questions

Still open questions?

You need to contact one of our team dispatcers.You’ll get all necessary details needed for us, to pickup your consignment.

All shipments must be packed in containers made of durable material and of quality sufficient to withstand handling on buses. All packages containing FRAGILE or PERISHABLE articles must be marked in large letters, preferably with appropriate labels.

Call or email us and we can help you with your request.



Fine arts travelling.

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Custom crates in-house.



Trained and skilled art technicians.

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