The world of global trade is in a state of constant change. International goods transport involves a wide variety of challenges and complex customs regulations. The growing demand for online data and the need to ensure compliance with legislation add to the administration required for the import and export of goods.

Our extensive experience and comprehensive industry knowledge enable us to simplify the situation. We can minimize the risks involved in customs clearance and avoid delays. Our experienced specialists will help you with customs formalities, transit traffic, advance notification of the authorities in the import countries and obtaining licenses and authorizations.

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It will work according to your needs

A freight forwarder that understands about customs processes as Goldeen Cargo, will be able to identify the most appropriate customs regime to support your business. It will consider things like your costs and time restraints to define what the best customs clearance strategy is and make sure your shipments will meet all the legal requirements of that country in a cost efficiently manner.

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It will provide advising

A forwarding agent will be able to advise you about everything you need to know, such as import licenses, classification, valuation, duty reliefs and end-use. This will make you understand better about what your investment will be and about the whole process that your shipment will go through before getting to its final destination.


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It will analyze all the documentation

You won’t need to worry about dealing with all the documentation involved in a customs clearance process. The freight forwarder you hire – Goldeen Cargo, for example – must be in charge of analyzing it all, verifying if you have the right documentation to meet with the country’s requirements and deliver solutions that ensure measurable reductions to your duty and tax liability.

From A to Z custom clearance services

Import or export of cargo can be very simple for the customer when his freight forwarding company is offering complete services, therefore we choose to offer services from A to Z necessary for a shipment, no matter what the routes or kind of transportation (by sea, air, land) are.

Custom clearance is a service that we recommend because you will be spared from many activities in which you probably do not want to be involved. Having trustworthy partners, we can take responsibility and we can offer you the whole range of services, personalized for your transport (import and export documentation, transit formalities, tax payments, legal deposit, etc).

Frequently Asked Questions

Still open questions?

Romania VAT is currently 19%. Duty is dependent on the type of product being imported. All duty rates are set out by Brussels for the EU, and are payable upon free circulation within the EU.

All goods are classified into commodity codes. The duty and VAT amount vary for each commodity. Importers are responsible for the classification of the codes. However, if you need advice you can contact us.

The role of customs control is to regulate and inspect shipments in order to guarantee that commercial exchanges between different countries proceed legally, that they comply with all tax and duty obligations and with all other requirements related to their entry or exit.

As well as guaranteeing compliance with international trade rules, collecting taxes and duties due where appropriate, customs controls are a fundamental mechanism for preventing money laundering, tax fraud and drug trafficking.

The EORI number (Economic Operator Registration and Identification) is an identification number which customs will use to identify the sender and their parcels across all EU countries.



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