Even during those phases of a shipment when the going gets hot, you can count on us to keep a cool head. Which obviously makes Goldeen Cargo your partner of choice whenever stable temperatures have to be maintained during shipping.

Whatever you need, be it deep-freeze storage or frost protection, we shall keep your goods at the right temperature. Not only foodstuffs, but also paints, lacquers, medicines, cosmetics and artworks will be suitably protected so that they arrive at their destination in perfect condition.

We deliver the peace-of-mind you need when transporting temperature-sensitive items.

We use a modern fleet, equipped with Thermoking temperature controlled aggregates,that operate within a constant temperature range of -21°C to +30°, this includes bi-temperature vehicles.

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Fine Art - Controlled Temperature

Goldeen Cargo uses vans from its own fleet to transport art works to destinations, which come with climate control system,  fully equipped to maintain temperature and relative humidity, even during the most severe conditions, winter or summer.


Distribution - Controlled Temperature

We know how important it is to get the timings right when delivering temperature-controlled goods. That’s why we offer a range of different delivery options to suit all kinds of clients needs, and our vans are available 24/7 for last minute bookings.

Our delivery options are as follows:

  • Same day deliveries:
  • Time Critical deliveries:
  • Dedicated vehicles:
  • Multi Temperature Vehicles:
  • Next day deliveries.
  • Regular courier service


Across borders - Controlled Temperature

Whether your  temperature sensitive shipment is moving across country, or across Europe, Goldeen Cargo knows how to get it there, safely, economically and on time.

With unmatched experience as a fully licensed international carrier, Goldeen Cargo quickly determines the most efficient, cost-effective  route to speed your cargo to its destination.

Goldeen Cargo understands the technical requirements of transporting temperature controlled cargo. When you work with us, you can be confident your freight is properly monitored and transported at the right temperature and with the best  equipment available in the market.

Whether you are transporting goods at frozen, cooler or protective temperatures or shipping sensitive chemicals requiring the maintenance of a specific air temperature range, we are committed to providing the highest level of expertise and reliable performance on every single move.

Respecting the just in time principle

 We can satisfy your requirements, whether you are in the field of industry, arts and cuture sector, distribution, the food sector or catering, and can offer a service to suit your needs with the aim of outgoing improvement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still open questions?

As specialists in temperature controlled transports, we offer accurate temperature control from -22°c to +29°c. Our vehicles are fitted with the latest technology, installed and maintained to support customers needs.

We have installed in-vehicle temperature printers, which produce a paper record of your data and delivery details anytime.

Our customer service team are also happy to provide regular updates by phone or email on the status of your shipment – at pre-agreed intervals, to suit your requirements.

Using innovative design and the latest temperature control technology, we can accurately transport products at TWO different temperatures in ONE vehicle. For some clients, this offers a cost-efficient, eco-friendly way of transporting two different sensitive loads.



Fine arts travelling.

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Custom crates in-house.



Trained and skilled art technicians.

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